Oleg Chudan - the art of artist in the air

Nowadays Oleg is in popular demand. Appearance on the stage of the famous events, such as auto show of the leading brands ( Porsche, Mercedes, Lexus and others), show of the World Football Championship « 11 fussball » in Berlin 2006, performance with world wide stars and the stars of Ukrainian show business (Edvin Marton, Anni Lorak, and others), with the Cook of the Century Eckart Witzigmann in his legend show, earned him enormous popularity very quickly.


Oleg – is the first class Artist well known in whole Europe, and especially he won his name in Germany. While learning his skill Oleg was one of the best students of Circus College and at the same time he got a great number of contracts for work even before he had graduated from College. One of them was European tour with an Idol - DJ BoBo, it created a furor. Only for last 5 years Oleg have had more than thousand various shows, the great number of admirers, and left the huge quantity of the delighted reviews in press. Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Japan, France and other countries at ones identified the great talent of a young star. Participation in TV shows on channel VIVA caused agiotage around the artist who strike his grace and plastic, power and elegance.


After Oleg's recent performance in Park Hotel Bremen (The Leading Hotels of the World) press wrote: « … he easily won hearts of lots and lots women and became a subject of admiration for most men ». Muscular play, unique tricks and charm of fascinating prince – this performance one can’t forget for years.